Customize fundraising columns

We launched the ability for founders to update the columns as it relates to the fundraising feature. Previously, the ability to edit columns was added. As seen above, 'Relevant Background?' and 'Responsive' are custom properties.

Now founders can re-arrange columns, select custom properties, and remove columns that they don't wish to use. 

Multiple Points of Contact

Investors can now associate multiple points of contact for any portfolio company request. The primary contact will be in the "to" field with the additional contacts cc'ed. There is no limit to the number of contacts. 

Fundraise Progress Tracker

Founders, you can now quickly see fundraising progress in any of your fundraising pipelines. 

You are able to toggle between any stages and we will show you the % towards your defined round size. 

Multiple fundraising pipelines

Multiple fundraising pipelines are now supported.

Multiple pipelines are great for adding downstream investors for later rounds or saving a snapshot of prior rounds. You can read how to create multiple pipelines here

Upload contacts via CSV

Admittedly, this one took us a bit to get to but it is finally here! Users can now upload up to 200 contacts at once via CSV. Read more in our knowledge base here

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