We just launched our biggest feature this year, Decks. Decks are a dead-simple way to host and share a pitch deck on Visible. Decks are completely integrated with our fundraising crm and leading investor updates platform

You’ll be able to set customized sharing permissions, notifications when investors view your deck, upload new versions without clicking a button, and understand how potential investors have engaged with your content. 

Read more on our blog post here:

Editing an Active Request

We've given users the ability to make edits to Requests that have already been set live. You get to decide whether to want to apply the changes you're making to the current Request or just future iterations. 

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Custom contact properties

We built the ability for customers to add custom properties to their contacts. This will enable for users to add specialized fields to their contacts. They can add things like phone number and city as seen in the screenshot below. 

This was a highly requested feature and were excited to ship it.

Customize fundraising columns

We launched the ability for founders to update the columns as it relates to the fundraising feature. Previously, the ability to edit columns was added. As seen above, 'Relevant Background?' and 'Responsive' are custom properties.

Now founders can re-arrange columns, select custom properties, and remove columns that they don't wish to use. 

14 and 30 Day Request Reminders

Starting today, you'll be able to create 14 and 30 day reminders for your Requests.

 Note: 14 day reminders are only available for Request that are due 1 month or more apart. 30 day reminders are only available for Request that are due 2 or more months apart. 

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