Multiple Funds for Investment Data

We’re excited to share that our Multiple Funds feature is now live. This means you can now drill into your investment data and fund analytics with even more precision than before. 

Assign investments to different funds to view and compare individual fund analytics. Slice your data even further with custom segments. Answer questions like “How does the multiple for our SaaS companies from Fund I compare to the multiple for our SaaS companies in Fund II” in seconds. 

Share a Fundraising Pipeline via Link

When fundraising you might want to ask your current investors or people in your network for introductions to investors in your pipeline. 

In order to best help you ask for introductions, you can simply share a pipeline via link (no Visible login needed). Check out the steps for sharing a pipeline here

Better Invite and Manage Portfolio Companies

We've made a few tweaks to improve how to invite your portfolio companies to Visible.

You'll be able to easily invite any of your portfolio companies from one view and manage companies that have pending invites (or have accepted an invite in the past).

To learn more, check out our support article here


Tables in Tear Sheets

Starting today, Visible for Investor users can create data tables directly in their tear sheet templates.

You can include any of the metrics you are tracking for your portfolio and customize the display period, table name, and metric names. Here is an example:

Rich Text in Update Requests

Your portfolio companies completing Update Requests can now use rich text when filling out text fields.

Founders or operators filling out a request can simply highlight any text and make their desired formatting changes. 

Customizable Dashboard Templates

Investors can now create dashboards templates:

  • There is no limit to the number of dashboards
  • Dashboards can be used for a single company, all, or assigned to a segment of companies 
  • Dashboards can include any of our chart types, widgets or tables. 

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